Job Applications

We are living in a world where jobs have taken over our lives and getting them has become even harder. About 42% of the World’s population are a working force with 70% of the working population being employed while the remaining 30% are the employers. With these facts, it is important to know how you are going to get a job. With so many graduates out there, you need to fight for your position in the job market and get to earn yourself a place. This is by applying for it. Job application is not as hard as it sounds as it involves writing an application letter together with your CV.

When to Write a Curriculum Vitae(CV)

As a job seeker, having a good CV is very important especially in our generation where technology says it all. A CV is used especially when applying for education, academic, medical, scientific, and research positions. You can also use it when applying for grants or fellowships. When you are applying for a job in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, then you will need to present your CV instead of a resume.
Inclusions in A CV

Many people really confuse between a resume and a CV. A CV is usually more detailed, about 2 or 3 pages or more information about your skills and background. A resume, on the other hand, needs different versions of a CV when it comes to different job positions. A CV should include your education, skills, contact information and full names. Also, the CV includes teaching and research experience, presentations, publications, fellowships, grants, awards, licenses, honors as well as any relevant information for the job you are applying for.

Personal Information to Put in An International CV

Marital status-Nationality-Age-Number of children-Personal interests for example hobbies-High school or secondary education-Photos(passports are recommended)In some other countries apart from the United States, you will be required to give include your date of birth in your CV.
Customize your CV

Here, after you have come up with the information to include in your CV, it is important that you make a customized CV which shows your experience in the job that you want. It takes more efforts when you are applying for a CV, but it’s worth it. This is important especially if the job you want requires or matches your experience and skills.
-First, you have to include your accomplishments in bullet form by starting with an action verb and a result.-Make profile as professional possible in which you highlight the best of what you can offer. -Include your areas of expertise, knowledge, and skills which match your job requirements and may be relevant. -Then carefully organize and rank all the parts of your resume based on what the institution you are applying for is seeking.
In conclusion, this is the simplest and most efficient way of writing your CV. You have to include the relevant information stated above for efficiency. This plays a crucial role in ensuring that you get the job you have always wanted.